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“Your focused thoughts, images and emotions are powerful medicine.” Peggy Huddleston, author of Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster (www.healfaster.com)

The Fall 2010 issue of Cape Women Online magazine is available at www.capewomenonline.com and I invite you to read my article, “Visualize the Future You Want.” You can find it by scrolling to my name on the home page author list and clicking on the article name when it pops up to the right.

I want to thank the two women who shared their experiences with Peggy’s technique, as they prepared for surgery. One had plenty of time but was going back to the OR after a tough first surgery, and the other had one night only before surgery to get acquainted with the book.

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  1. Great new article, Carolyn, thanks for posting it!
    I was once surprised by your name and Paganini’s in Peggy Huddleston’s book when was reading it and practicing the meditations before my hysterectomy in 2006! I had to get in touch with you right away at the time.
    Her Prepare for Surgery: Heal Faster had been recommended to me by a long-time friend from the Cape who had had extensive surgery for a tumor. She always recommends the book to others because she used all of Huddleston’s suggestions and experienced a miraculous outcome! I also tried everything suggested and my outcome was amazingly successful as well. I also, like my friend, now recommend Prepare for Surgery to anyone I know who is having surgery or any invasive procedure. The suggestions are extremely helpful for the concerned spouse, family and friends of the patient as well. I’m so glad you shared your experience, your strength and your hope. With gratefulness, Kay

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