beauty sleep

I stayed up late last night and woke early to hold a sign for a candidate I favor at the primary election polls this morning. I feel tired and I look tired.

My mother often spoke of beauty sleep. She said that the sleep you get before midnight is the best. (I think she was trying to persuade her little girl get into bed.) Many years ago I read an article about a model who, when asked what her beauty secret was, said ten hours of sleep a night!

Recently I read somewhere, Dr. Mercola’s website perhaps, that one of the very best things we all can do for our immune systems is sleep a little more. Maybe our national health would improve if many of us could get another 30 minutes of sleep daily.

I think as a population we might carry less weight if we recognized that often when we feel like eating or drinking caffeine, we just need to rest. That’s not easy at work and in our busy lives.

And what is that drive to get one more thing done that keeps me from getting into bed? I am going to try to overcome that tonight and get my beauty sleep well before midnight. Or maybe I’ll lie down for ten minutes now.

Sweet dreams!



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