2in10: beating ovarian cancer, or how I survived ovarian cancer and went on to live a long and healthy life

“2 in 10 make it to five years”

Sixteen years ago I had surgery and chemotherapy for Ovarian Cancer Stage III. I knew nothing about the disease before being diagnosed and I didn’t like what there was to learn after.

Having misunderstood the odds in a previous conversation with my doctor, I was horrified to hear him say that “2 in 10 make it to five years”. ” Do you have any patients who have lived longer?”, I asked. He dismissed my question and left me with even more fear and despair.

A few weeks later, when I happened to meet a young woman who said she had HAD ovarian cancer, I found a kernel of hope that fueled the rest of my recovery.

I hope this blog will be a place where those of us who have been healthy for several years since treatment can share the good news and give hope to those who seek it.

Take care and be well,




  1. Carolyn, You have been brave and continue to be so – to reach out to others and to find strength from small pleasures and insights around. Thank you for sharing. Wishing you a lifetime more of good health. xoxox, w

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