Posted by: 2in10 | 01/24/2012

food: two noteworthy items

At Whole Foods today I found two items that am very excited about. The first is something I was looking for — an individual serving of almond butter that you can pack and carry. The small foil pouch easily fits in a handbag and, as my gluten-free friend notes, you can always find a banana or apple on which to spread the almond butter.

I paid $1.39 for the little pouch, so it’s an expensive convenience, but it beats finding nothing to eat when you are out and about. The brand Whole Foods happened to have is Justin’s. I found it in Classic and Honey-sweetened. Go to for more info. (Look out, there’s chccolate!)

My other find today is Meyenberg Evaporated Goat Milk. It was on a lower shelf in the baking goods section. It was available in a 12 oz and a larger can. The evaporated milk will come in handy for baking, and you can dilute it by half to be the equivalent of whole milk for drinking so it’s great for taking to that little cottage on the lake. I regularly buy Meyerberg goat milk (whole milk) for my coffee and cooking. I don’t eat cow dairy anymore, so I rely on sheep yogurt, goat and sheep cheeses and Meyerberg European style goat butter. All these I find in the dairy case.

(I find Meyenberg milk at Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. It’s also at my local Hannaford’s in the separate, organic foods refrigerator case. I buy Meyerberg butter at Whole Foods. I buy goat and sheep cheeses at Trader Joe’s because the prices are good. I freeze cheese and butter for future use.)

The evaporated goat milk fills a gap in my pantry because its double strength and can be substituted for light cream, half and half, or heavy cream. Goat milk is a delicious substitute for soy milk also, and with more body than rice and almond milks, it’s very nice in coffee. Meyenberg makes a 1% milk, but I haven’t tried it.

You can learn more and shop at The powdered milk so good for travel and packing. This goat milk is organic and hormone-free and is more digestible than cow’s milk for many.

Be well!



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