Posted by: 2in10 | 01/23/2012

perfect health diet?

Good morning, dear readers! Here’s an excerpt from today’s email newsletter from US Wellness Meats, a consortium of farm families based in Monticello, Missouri that raise and sell truly, completely grass-fed beef and other products. There is a wealth of health-related info on their website, I invite you to visit the website for information about meats and dairy products that are rarely consumed in our culture and often are vilified as unhealthy, the Paleo diet, the Weston Price Foundation, and much more. Keep an open mind!

…While most of us are aware of the healing powers that certain foods have, and understand that a healthy diet and lifestyle can help prevent deadly diseases and ward off aging – most of the general population hasn’t figured this out yet. They are still eating the Standard American Diet (SAD) and taking too many medications.  That is why we were especially glad to see WebMD report on certain foods that can help save your life.  We agree wholeheartedly about the power of a healthy diet and are happy to see them spreading the word.  While there are a few more foods we would add to the list of 14 Foods that Could Help Save Your Life, it is a nice start.  

We first heard about the Perfect Health Diet at last years’ Weston A. Price Conference and were intrigued.  So, we visited the website to learn more, and found out that it is a unique way of eating that focuses on clean proteins, safe starches, and a variety of vegetables, herbs, sauces and soups.  Much like the Paleo Diet, it excludes toxins, including legumes, grains, vegetable oils and sugar.  Another reason we like it is that it includes some of our favorite foods: liver, shellfish, sweet potatoes, bone broth, salmon, coconut oil and butter.  For more information on how this diet can improve your health, visit their website, read Dr. Mercola’s take on it, or just buy the book!…

Have a great winter day — and let’s stay in touch.



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