Posted by: 2in10 | 01/23/2012

CAM: how ready are you?

The Mount Holyoke Quarterly Winter 2012 issue has a feature by Melissa Blau entitled, “Is Alternative Medicine Good for Your Health?” In the sidebar, “Complementary Medicine: Can It Help You?” I especially liked the answer to Question #5. Here’s the excerpt. I find it states very well what I have experienced with complementary and alternative medicine (CAM):

5. How ready are you?

Holistic practitioners, who see themselves as coaches and teachers, tend to ask more of their patients than traditional doctors do. But success also depends on you. As Arden Pierce puts it, “When a client says, ‘What can you do for me?’ I put it back to them.” Ask yourself: Are you ready to give up caffeine, start exercising, take vitamins, get to bed earlier, change your diet, and take herbs, if necessary? Can you afford the out-of-pocket expenses (most treatments and supplements are not covered by insurance)? Are you comfortable with the type of therapy offered? Are you expecting a quick fix? “Some people may not be ready for change,” adds Karuna Sabnani. “The patients that come to you,” she stresses, “are about to embark on a new relationship with themselves. Ultimately, there has to be trust.”

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