Posted by: 2in10 | 12/19/2011

cancer prevention strategies

From Dr. Mercola’s website,, posted 12/19/11, an article on “Why Cancer Rates Are Rising…”

I quote from the executive summary:

Cancer prevention strategies that need to become mainstream include: optimizing your vitamin D levels, normalizing your insulin levels, and exercise. Research shows you can likely cut your cancer-risk in half simply by optimizing your vitamin D levels with sun exposre. And if you are being treated for cancer it is likley that higher blood levels — probably around 70-100 ng/ml — would be beneficial.

Cancer rates are projected to rise by 45 percent in the UK over the next 20 years due to population growth and an aging population…

Ignoring the fact that cancer is likely a man-made disease caused primarily by toxic overload is at the heart of our rising cancer rates, yet most of the cancer research is directed towards expensive drugs that target late stages of the disease and greatly enrich the drug companies but simply do not prevent cancer.

Overlooked contribuing factors to cancer include: chemical exposures, pharmaceutical drugs, processed and artificial foods, EMF and dirty electricity, radiation exposure, obesity, stress, poor sleeping habits, and lack of sunshine exposure.

There’s more:

Global cost of cancer is estimated at $286 billion annually in medical expenses and lost productivity. According to a new report from a panel of 37 experts, the rate of increase in expenditure on cancer within health-care systems is unsustainable.

[Note the bolding for emphasis is mine.]

Good news or bad news? First, it’s important to be aware. Second, many of these causative factors we can address in small ways for ourselves — taking vitamin D, getting fresh air with some limited sun exposure, moving electric alarm clocks away from the bed and using the electric blanket to warm the bed but turning it off for sleep, going to bed 20 minutes earlier now and then and sleeping with an eye mask, limiting carbohydrate and sugar consumption.

Incorporate one small step at a time and have patience. Feel empowered but not stressed! New Year’s is around the corner so this is a good time to be lining up a resolution or two.

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