Posted by: 2in10 | 11/18/2011

do you read your horoscope?

This horoscope by Holiday Mathis appeared in the Boston Herald on my birthday this fall. It is so like me, or how I see myself, that I find it uncanny: Keep marching forward. Don’t tiptoe, and don’t run. The best approach will be steady, temperate, measured and determined. If you are working with a team, they easily will fall in step with you.

Our family motto is, Steady she goes. That advice has gotten us through many ups and downs.  A friend who also had cancer had a favorite saying, when asked how she coped with being a widow, having a son who struggled with mental illness, losing both parents when she was a child, and now having ovarian cancer: Just put one foot in front of the other.

Another friend is dealing with fallopian tube cancer, and she is frightened of the chemotherapy she decided to take. Too many support medications gave her serious side effects after the first treatment. They will cut back the compazine for nausea and some steroids. For many of us, every day on chemo is a roller coaster; you never know what little thing will come up. And small things can be magnified when you are in treatment. Steady she goes.

Do you read your horoscope?

Here’s to a wonderful holiday season, coming soon as the nights lengthen.



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