Posted by: 2in10 | 09/07/2011

common cathedral, a prayer for all

Common Cathedral offers worship services outdoors on Boston Common each Sunday at 1 PM. Created as a spiritual community that would be comfortable and provide for the needs of men and women without housing, “common cathedral” is open to all.
Churches throughout Greater Boston and New England partner with common cathedral to provide lunch, companionship, financial support, and other services for Sunday worship and for the accompanying street ministry, known as Ecclesia Ministries.
Founder The Rev. Dr. Debbie Little-Wyman is helping clergy around the country create ministries that provide services to the homeless and worship services based on this model. When I read the common cathedral prayer this morning, I thought of those coping with cancer and  how relevant it is. I quote excerpts:
In the Ecclesia Ministry Cycle of Prayer

We ask God’s continual presence and compassion with all those who suffer in body, mind or spirit; those who are lonely; those who are estranged from their families; and those who struggle to free themselves from the grip of addictions;

with those waiting for housing:

 with all who are in hospital or elsewhere, coping with illness, injury, violence, or surgery:

with all who are incarcerated or expected to appear in court: 

with those who have died:

with those who mourn their loss:

 And with those celebrating birthdays this week.

You may add the names of those you love. Be well, my friends —



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