Posted by: 2in10 | 09/04/2011

under the rug

I was vaccuuming the kitchen last night after an evening of cooking and a day of in and out, comings and goings as we cleaned up the yard from Hurricane Irene. I lifted the corners of the small rug between the kitchen sink and stove and vaccuumed the small bits and crumbs hiding there.

I recalled that many years ago when I was early in my recovery from ovarian cancer I did some therapy around losing my mother at age 17 and various other issues that come up when one is faced with a life-threatening disease.

I recognized that I had swept many things, including the grief from losing my mother at an early age, under the rug. I didn’t “fix” everything, but I found that exposing these matters to the light of day was very helpful. When I lift those corners and find the crumbs I am reminded of how important that exercise was for me.

Happy September!



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