Posted by: 2in10 | 08/20/2011


Health advice often comes from unexpected sources. Recently I was chatting with the lovely lady who takes care of our cat Maui. Maui is 12 years old; she is a chocolate brown Burmese with golden eyes. Maui has the delicacy of an adolescent, if not a kitten, because she weighs slightly more than six pounds.

Maui seems to sense when I am on the phone with her cat sitter (who is crazy about her) and she appeared in my study. She looked at me and dropped to the floor for a long stretch. I mean long! We laughed at how she can take six tiny pounds and stretch them to what seems like three feet!

I said, “We should all take a page from Maui’s book and give ourselves a good stretch.” My friend replied, “Dr Oz on TV says we should all stretch daily. It’s good for our lymphatic and circulatory systems.” Bingo!

No wonder cats tend to be healthy. They combine daily stretching with vibrational healing from purring. If I could only learn to purr! I’ll have to make do by holding her close and letting her hum and vibrate close to my heart. Shall I write you a prescription for same?



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