Posted by: 2in10 | 08/18/2011


Are you dealing with chemo or anxious about cancer in any way? Looking for a gentle respite from worry and fear? A lovely little book, chapters of 600 words each, is A Cape Cod Notebook by Robert Finch.

Each of the 52 little essays was read by Finch on radio station WCAI. Together they capture Cape Cod’s natural beauty throughout the year, highlighting its flora and fauna, human and other. This would be a lovely gift for someone coping with cancer; an escape to a renowned part of the world known best for its summertime beauty but celebrated here for its glory all year.

Last night I came to the chapter, “Grace,” which Finch opens with David McCullough’s biography of John Adams. He is having trouble writing his weekly essay and it begins to snow. He steps outside wearing only a sweater and is touched (literally) by the “large, soft, goose-feather flakes.” He says, “I felt a deep and unexpected release of tension, as if I’d received a blessing.”

I quote:

“…I found that standing out in the wet snow brought a profound sense of inner peace. And then I realized what it was: a moment of grace. For what else is nature but trial and grace? And when grace comes — in the form of snowflakes, or three bluebirds at your feeder, or a simple shift in the light — it comes, as grace does, unexpectedly, unasked for, undeserved. Nature’s grace is a pure given, transient yet woven into the very fabric of being.”

I leave you with that thought today. Thanks for reading my blog.


Also: I must credit Glenna and Chris for introducing me to this book, a birthday gift to my husband. Thank you!  ISBN-13: 9780978576691 Published by On Cape Publications, Dennis MA 02638, 2011.


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