Posted by: 2in10 | 08/14/2011

setting sail

In the Boston Sunday Herald on August 14, 2011, readers learned about a sailing program for people dealing with cancer. Sailing Heals will offer a day of sailing to people dealing with cancer and their loved ones to give them respite time on the sea with people they love.

Volunteer yacht owners host trips on their boats. The article caught my eye because on the inaugural sail one of the women has battled ovarian cancer for eight years with treatment she receives at Mass. General Hospital in Boston.

The Sailing Heals program begins this week, with partners MGH Cancer Center and Nantucket Cottage Hospital. Executive director is Trisha Gallagher Boisvert and a founding sponsor is Officine Panerai, the watchmaker.

According to the article, Dr. Bruce Chabner, Mass. General’s cancer research director, says emotional well-being probably contributes to improved health. That reminds us to take some time to walk on the beach, or get outside to gaze at the sky or tune into the sensation of the breeze on our bodies.

How wonderful these capable sailors are reaching out to people with medical challenges to share the beauty of a day at sea!

Here’s to our happiness! It’s August and we are on the waning side of summer. Let’s enjoy every moment we can.



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