Posted by: 2in10 | 08/11/2011

gene treatment offers hope

In The Wall Street Journal today, August 11, 2011 on page 2, I quote the opening paragraphs from “Gene Treatent Offers Hope inLeukemia Cases:”

“A new strategy for genetically bolstering the immune system proved surprisingly powerful against an advanced form of leukemia in a small study that could have broader implications for fighting cancer.

The treatment, in which cells from the three participating patients were manipulated using gene therapy, eradicated blood cancer tumors in less than a month and led to sustainted remissions of up to a year.

The genetically engineered cells were so efficient that researchers dubbed them “serial killers” because each one lead on average to the destruction of thousands of tumor cells.”

The study took place at the University of Pennsylvania’s Abramson Cancer Center; Carl June was principal investigator. Two of three patients had what was called a complete response (no evidence of leukemia); the third had a partial response and did not need further therapy.

This should bolster our resolve both to boost our immune systems in whatever ways we can and to take burdens off it.

Hope your summer is going well!



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