Posted by: 2in10 | 07/13/2011

“you’re not alone”

The newsletter, Lotsa Community Works, arrived in my inbox this morning and I want to share today’s message. July is “Sandwich Generation Month!” Lotsa Helping Hands is an organization that has created a web-place where friends and family can organize communities to support people coping with medical and other challenges.

Today LHH recognizes women and men who are caring for children and aging parents, the traditional sandwich generation, and the club sandwich generation, those caring for children, parents and grandparents.

It’s uplifting to visit You can learn how to set up a community of helpers at no cost, listen to case studies of successful communities, and find online resources for many illnesses and conditions that require caregiving: ALS, MS, brain tumors, Alzheimer’s and more.

Participants use terms like “life changing experience,” “comforting,” and “humbling” to describe their involement in a LHH community.

When I was having treatment for ovarian cancer 17 years ago, I and my family were beneficiaries of a helping community organized by a friend who rallied people from school, church, and the neighborhood to help in any way they could: make meals, drive my children, run errands. She did it all with pen and paper and a calendar. But it worked and it was life-changing for all of us. We experienced the LHH motto, “You’re not alone.”

I am still learning about recovering from cancer. At LHH, among the resources listed I was drawn to this one,, founded by David Emerson, a long term cancer survivor. It’s People Beating Cancer: A Healthy Exchange of Information and Inspiration. More about that soon.



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