Posted by: 2in10 | 07/08/2011

my heart sings

I want to share this story because it makes my heart sing. We learned about two months ago that a cousin was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer. (This isn’t the happy part.) She will not have a mastectomy. She is having chemotherapy. The treatments have begun and she is tolerating them well.

When she was first diagnosed, she responded by changing her diet. An accountant and horsewoman, she had made little time for food preparation and ate predominantly what she describes a junk food. To assist her healing, she adopted what she calls an alkaline diet. She has eliminated sugar, artificial sweeteners, factory food, gluten, and red meat. She is eating home-cooked veggies, rice and beans, and some fish and chicken. In a few weeks her weight dropped 20+ pounds, effortlessly, and has stabilized. She jokes that her horse appreciates the change!

She also read Peggy Huddleston’s book, Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster. She liked the principles and wanted to put them to work, but she was having some difficulty getting comfortable with visualization. She decided to strengthen her ability to visualize getting well and staying well with Peggy’s direct help. She had an initial telephone consultation with Peggy (she lives out of state) and has had another. She is encouraged and plans to continue.

I had to be pushed into several of the healing modalities I used, and in retrospect I am grateful to the friends who nagged or insisted or repeated their recommendations and offers. Peggy was at the foundation of my recovery from ovarian cancer 17 years ago, and it makes my heart sing that someone I love is finding her a resource for healing. I am also grateful that Peggy is still doing her important work. Learn more at



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