Posted by: 2in10 | 07/07/2011

sales kebob

When I was first married, my husband introduced me to a book by Willie Gayle on successful selling. I’ll never forget Willie Gayle’s image of a “sales kebob” in which you present a fact and give its benefit. Rather than overwhelming the buyer with a list of beneficial features, take the time with each to tell how this feature will help the buyer. My husband suggested that this technique was applicable to any kind of presentation.

Playing the role of a car salesman…You could say, This car has a super-duper review mirror, an automatic seat adjustment, and motorized rear hatch lift.

OR you could say, This fantastic car comes with a super-duper review mirror that gives the driver an all-around rear view making highway driving and reversing safer. [pause] And the base model has automatic seat adjustment which minimizes jostling and distraction if you need to adjust the seat while on a long drive, contributing to safety and comfort. [pause] The motorized lift for the rear hatch will save your back because you won’t have to put parcels down on the pavement to open the hatch, and it offers security as you can get into the vehicle quickly in the dark reaches of a mall parking lot.

I don’t think it’s too big a stretch to apply this concept to healing. We often know what we can do to assist our bodies and minds in the healing process but it’s helpful to tell ourselves WHY. I will take my vitamins today because they support my immune system and that is the first defense against cancer and other diseases. I will let myself get outside for fresh air and a little sunshine because that helps my body produce its own Vitamin D, one of the most important nutrients.  I will do something nice for someone today because that is the right thing to do for humanity and it feels good.

I hope you are enjoying these hot, summer days that we have waited for all winter! See you at the town pool later today…


Willie Gayle published three books: Power Selling (1964), Willie Gayle’s Power Selling (1979), and 7 Seconds to Success in Selling (1980).


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