Posted by: 2in10 | 07/05/2011

wellness meats

You may have enjoyed a 4th of July barbeque this weekend, or you may have decided to avoid red meat and grilling. In any case, a great source of information about grass-fed meat, “a truly different animal,” is available at

This group of family farmers raises and sells beef, poultry, pork and other products, and the website is loaded with information. Many of the foods we are told are bad actually have healing properties when grown in the traditional way. For example, CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) builds muscle and fights cancer.

I have been looking for a local source for grass-fed beef, and this winter at an indoor farmers market in my area I met a farmer who raises and sells grass-fed beef as well as lamb, pork and goat about 20 miles from my home. 

(Be wary of supermarket “grass-fed” meats that are pastured for much of the animal’s life but finished with grain, dimishing or destroying the health benefits.)

When I had cancer I met a woman whose daughter had had cancer as a young teen. The girl was in her early twenties. This mom told me to buy the freshest beef I could find and eat some every day to strengthen my blood. She had done this to heal her daughter and I thought her advice worth heading. There are so many ways to get well and stay well.



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