Posted by: 2in10 | 05/30/2011

real pickles

At Groton Wellness last week after my dental hygienist appointment, I visited the Bistro in the Wellness Center and discovered sauerkraut from the Real Pickles company in Greenfield, Mass. We are now eating a little with each meal, and I was happy to discover that RP products are sold at Whole Foods and other outlets throughout New England.

RP sauerkraut is the beneficial kind, fermented, not pasteurized, that needs refrigeration to stay alive. At you can learn about fermented foods throughout the ages and cultures (like kimchi in Korean cuisine) that have largely disappeared with the prevalence of industrial food.

Fermentation supports many ‘biotics needed in the gut that can’t be replaced even with pro-biotic supplements or powders. My mother’s mother made sauerkraut (along with canning many other things), but I thought it was for flavor. Perhaps she knew it was healthy, too.

The RP website lists the healthy properties of traditional pickles, and I am quoting here: active cultures and enzymes, lactic acid (not the same as milk, and OK for those who avoid dairy), reduction of anti-nutritional compounds found in our food, improved nutrient availability, and possible anti-cancer effects. In one study, researchers found possible positive effects on skin problems, asthma and auto-immune diseases.

I manage rosacea outbreaks on my face by watching what I eat. I am hoping the addition of fermented sauerkraut to my daily diet will help.

I won’t be eating hot dogs after reading Dr. Mercola’s foods to avoid, but I am finding sauerkraut is a nice complement to almost everything else — with its fresh, clean, tangy taste and crunchy texture.

Enjoy! And if you find a source for fermented sauerkraut, let us know.



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