Posted by: 2in10 | 05/19/2011

fear factor

I read an article in Beverly Ryle’s recent newsletter that rang a bell for me. In the article entitled “Fear Funk,” Beverly writes about getting so totally bogged down with worries that one becomes inactive.

For 17 years I have been on a program of some kind to get well and stay well. Doing something — related to diet, exercise, environment, emotional health — has been a great antidote to worry. However, as I got weeks, or months, or years from treatment and was feeling better and better, I would get confident (over-confident?) and slack off my healing program.

(Eating a restricted diet, taking handfuls of supplements, and avoiding exposure to toxins in the home and environment are seen as weird and inconvenient to most people, and they are not encouraged by Western medical doctors.)

Fear can be exhausting and unhealthy. Initially when I was making major changes in my diet and eating a limited list of things and getting used to taking quite a few vitamins and supplements, I would feel overwhelmed. As my test results came in quarterly and were good, I found myself gaining confidence. Why should that translate into taking less-good care of myself, or being less vigilant?

Cancer is a quiet, subtle killer. With time I began to see my fear morph into a healthy respect for ovarian cancer and humility about the future. Who knows what lies ahead? But better to stay on a healthy path and make it part of daily living.

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