Posted by: 2in10 | 03/17/2011

gluten sensitivity

The Wall Street Journal carried a story by Melinda Beck entitled “Clues to Gluten Sensitivity” on March 15. Here’s an excerpt about the study that was published in the BMC Medicine journal:

 “For the first time, we have scientific evidence that indeed, gluten sensitivity not only exists, but is very different from celiac disease,” says lead author Alessio Fasano, medical director of the University of Maryland’s Center for Celiac Research.

The news will be welcome to people who have suspected a broad range of ailments may be linked to their gluten intake, but have failed to find doctors who agree….

Although much remains unknown, it is clear that gluten — a staple of human diets for 10,000 years — triggers an immune response like an enemy invader in some modern humans.”

According to the article, celiac disease occurs in 1 in 133 Americans today. Gluten sensitivity may affect as many as one in 20 Americans.

If you have symptoms that bother you, with or without your doctor’s approval you can avoid eating gluten for 30 days, or ten days, or five days, and see how you feel. Read labels as wheat and/or gluten occur in many foods. If you don’t cook from scratch, you might not know that it is an ingredient in gravy. If you don’t read labels, you might not know that wheat is in many commercially prepared soups.  

There are many packaged foods now that are gluten-free, but a simple home-made meal of grilled or baked chicken, brown rice, and salad is a great place to start, with leftovers for breakfast.

I have avoided gluten for more than three years. This is an important part of my program to stay well after having cancer. However, it took me years to be ready to make what seemed like a big step. Don’t wait if you have any reason to believe that you MIGHT be gluten intolerant. And if you are dealing with cancer now, it’s a change you can make in your dietary intake that won’t affect medications you are taking.



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