Posted by: 2in10 | 02/11/2011

patient, heal thyself

Surgery is getting easier for patients to bear, but rehab and recovery require more of patients. Not only do patients come home with dressings to change and medications to monitor, they also have elaborate programs for physical therapy they must undertake. And most are managing such elaborate care for the first time and when compromised.

This paradox was highlighted by Laura Landro in The Wall Street Journal in October 26, 2010. She says, “…patients are assuming more responsibility for their own recovery — and more risks.”

Risks include infection, blood clots, and depression. Patients need clear communication about post-operative care, what to watch for and how important it is to do all the therapy. Equally important is not to do too much too soon.

We need to give the body time to complete its silent work of healing. But it’s hard for the patient to know how much will strengthen and how much will hurt.



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