Posted by: 2in10 | 01/27/2011

healing edge

On January 30, 1994 I experienced the meltdown that led to a diagnosis of ovarian cancer. I have been thinking a lot recently about the positive fallout from my experience with cancer and Peggy Huddleston’s advice that if all went well, I would not want to go back to where and who I was before cancer. A huge side-benefit has been my introduction to alternative medicine and embracing ways some find unusual to get well and stay well.

Here is another resource you can use to learn about health issues that dog modern life and often aren’t resolved well (or managed) by modern medicine. Healing Edge Science ( offers a website where you can read about health issues ranging from allergies to women’s health, with colds/flu, detox, sleep, stress, weight loss, and many others in between.

Yes, Healing Edge is in the business of selling products. Their stated goal is “to bring you the finest pharmaceutical grade holistic and alternative health products.” Check out About Us for more info. Other resources include the newsletter, Health Concerns and Expert Opinion sections.

I really like the feeling I get when I read this website — there’s hope, you can do it, don’t despair. These messages sustained me and, I believe, contributed to my being here and well today.



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