Posted by: 2in10 | 01/14/2011

natural gourmet

Debra Stark is another entrepreneur I admire because she helps her customers get well and stay well. Debra is founder and proprietor of Debra’s Natural Gourmet in Concord, Mass. (West Concord Village to be exact). Debra’s was founded in 1989 under the banner, “Eat Well, Be Happy.”

When  I was recovering from ovarian cancer and treatment in 1994, I shared my healing journey with Marjie Thorne who introduced me to Debra’s. Marjie and I met on Tuesdays at her home for our project Health Options Network and Newsletter. That was the day that Debra’s received its shipment of organic produce, and we went by to get fresh veggies for the week and something delicious for our lunch.

If you are within driving distance of Debra’s I invite you to stop in. You will find a wide range of natural foods (her product selection is as responsible as they get), foods to go (“soul satisfying, body-nourishing”), organic and sustainably grown produce, and natural remedies. The staff welcomes your questions and suggestions.

You can also visit to learn about about foods and supplements and other health questions, find about events, and generally share in the sense of community that Debra has created in her food store dedicated to health and healing.

Yes, Debra is the creator of the Stark Sisters Granola you have seen at Whole Foods and elsewhere that good food is sold.



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