Posted by: 2in10 | 12/21/2010


I just spoke to a friend who has a virus and feels miserable. Four days before Christmas.

She taught me a huge lesson more than 20 years ago when she decided to heal her back and avoid surgery by going to bed to rest for several weeks. I recall visiting her and wondering why she didn’t just have the surgery? How could she spend all these days lying alone in bed? Why didn’t she feel driven to do all the chores and projects of “normal daily life?”

Her choice made an impression on me, and I used her example to relax into bed rest when I was having chemotherapy, now almost 17 years ago.

After each treatment, I would feel OK for half a day or so, and then I would need to rest. I really wasn’t able to be on my feet, and so I spent hours in bed with my cat Paganini studying the floral wallpaper when I didn’t have the strength to do anything else. I was sustained by the memory of my friend, patiently healing her back by giving in and letting her body to the work that only it can do and that takes time.

At this busy time of year, I am glad to be reminded of my friend’s healing path.

Take care!



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