Posted by: 2in10 | 12/16/2010


January 4, 1920 –  December 16, 1966

Theresa S. Ellis

My mother died on this day 44 years ago. I remember her and honor all those women who were children when their mothers died. It’s a loss we often don’t understand until we become parents and our children reach the age we were when our mothers died.

I am the beneficiary of modern medicine in my recovery from ovarian cancer, but I am bewildered and disappointed that 44 years after my mother’s death we are still losing huge numbers of women to breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and other gynecological cancers.

I urge all women to be attuned to their bodies and aware of early symptoms, to advocate for proper diagnosis if their gut tells them something is wrong, and to be a contrarian patient if that is what it takes to get the treatment and respect they need for recovery and healing.

Miss you, Mom.




  1. Carolyn—this really resonated with me as I read it today December 21 = the 3rd anniversary of my mother’s death. How much we share in our lives, and in so doing our joys are multiplied and our sorrows divided. How very much I still miss my mother. And for you dear Carolyn, you were so very young when you lost your mother. Love to you, Susan

    • Susan, Thanks so much for your note. I share your grief. It’s a special time of year in many ways. It occurred to me recently that Anna, who came to us on Dec 21, was a “replacement” (that’s not the right word) for my mom. Merry and XO Carolyn

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