Posted by: 2in10 | 12/14/2010

comfort zone

Early in my recovery from ovarian cancer, I found a notice about a workshop for women whose mothers died when they were children. The workshop was based on Hope Edelman’s recently published book, Motherless Daughters. Following my cancer diagnosis I had recognized that I was experiencing grief in a way I hadn’t at age 17, when my mother died. I did the 2-day workshop and found it enlightening and helpful.
You may object to the name “motherless daughters,” but Edelman’s book gives readers the support of knowing one isn’t alone and examples of thought patterns that are the legacy of early mother loss. The book had many “Aha!” moments for me.
Today while I was reading an insurance and financial services website for another project I tripped over mention of Lynne Hughes, founder and CEO of Comfort Zone Camp (CZC).

Hughes was involved in founding the Motherless Daughters organization, of national scope, which led to the founding of Comfort Zone Camp in 1998. CZC gives girls and women who have lost a sibling, parent or caregiver the opportunity for a weekend at camp to (in part) come to terms with their loss and process their grief. CZC has locations in Massachusetts, New Jersey, Virginia and California.

It’s exciting to recognize the national attention Hughes has received for this work, including being named in 2002 as one of Redbook’s “Mothers and Shakers,” awarded to 12 women who have helped to improve the quality of life in the United Sates.

Hughes’s book, You Are Not Alone: Teens Talk about Life after the Loss of  a Loved Parent (Scholastic Press), might be a resource for someone you know.

We are close to the date my mother died, so this find is timely.



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