Posted by: 2in10 | 11/11/2010

silver fillings

Momentum is building in the U.S. for restrictions on the use of mercury amalgam in human dental work. Most of us recognize how important oral health is to our whole health. However, our government and many dentists have resisted banning the use of mercury in our mouths, although its toxicity is known, its use elsewhere regulated, and its disposal highly controlled.

As part of my recovery from ovarian cancer, when I was several months from treatment and wanting to do all I could to get well and stay well, I read Dr. Mark Breiner’s book Whole-Body Dentistry (Quantum Health Press, 1999). I was lucky to find a dentist nearby, Dr. Robert Evans and had all the mercury amalgam fillings dating from my late teens removed. Dr. Evans used special precautions to protect me, him, and the environment from the material he was removing from my teeth.

With the removal of my so-called “silver” fillings I got a much prettier smile. My young daughter admitted that she thought my dark gray molars always held the remains of the Oreo cookies I ate late in the afternoon with a cup of coffee. My children and their peers didn’t have mouths with blackish molars because their teeth were treated with sealants to prevent decay and cavities were filled with alternatives to mercury amalgam.

You can learn more from the Consumers for Dental Choice website; and from Dr. Tom McGuire’s website, Dr. Evans and his wife Dr. Jean Nordin-Evans have a new practice, Groton Dental Wellness. You can visit to read about dental toxicity and their approach to whole body health.

Dental work is never fun, but if you have “silver” fillings, their removal is something to consider. And it never hurts to be reminded of how important dental hygiene and oral health are to our overall good health. Time to brush and floss!



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