Posted by: 2in10 | 11/06/2010

near-death research

Researchers have found that people of all ages who report near-death experiences relate similar core elements regardless of age, culture, race, religion. These include an awareness of leaving their bodies and watching themselves from above, moving along a dark tunnel toward a bright light, feelings of peace and joy, and seeing long-deceased relatives.

An article by Melinda Beck in my favorite newspaper, The Wall Street Journal (October 26, 2010), reports that old taboos may be eroding as scientists and medical researchers attempt to gain understanding and proof. A study in 1997 reported that 15 million American adults said they had a near-death experience, and as we improve resuscitation methods more can be expected.

Some resources and items of interest:

“Hereafter,” a new film directed by Clint Eastwood.

The International Association for Near-Death Studies, Durham, NC. President Dr. Diane Corcoran, president, worked as a nurse with wounded soldiers in Vietnam.

Evidence of the Afterlife, a book by radiation oncologist Jeffrey Long.

I’m not sure we need proof that this happens. I would be happy to leave an element of faith or wonder. But I have a deceased friend who when near death was observed reaching out and calling to his daughter who had died in childbirth 12 years earlier.



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