Posted by: 2in10 | 10/22/2010


A new device for treating cancer uses electrical jolts to destroy tumors. It is being tested in 13 hospitals in the U.S. Some criticize the fast track that has brought this device into use (and into hospital advertising) without the customary time-consuming clinical trials and other investigations. It is considered especially useful for kidney, lung, and liver cancers.

The NanoKnife is being used in cases where there is no other feasible treatment. NanoKnife has been used to treat cancers near arteries, airways, and other vulnerable tissues.

An excerpt from The Wall Street Journal: “Gary Onik, a retired interventional radiologist and the NanoKnife’s inventor, says he has treated about 30 patients with the device and the result ‘was phenomenal.’ All but two of the patients were cancer-free two years after the procedure, he says.”

There have been side effects — rapid heartbeat and the puncturing of an artery. But there is anecdotal evidence that with NanoKnife doctors have been able to treat cancers they could not have treated otherwise.

How encouraging! And wouldn’t most of us take the risk associated with this procedure to have a chance of getting rid of a cancer when there was no other hope?



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