Posted by: 2in10 | 10/07/2010

healing garden


The Perennial Walk and Homecoming Celebration

at The Virginia Thurston Healing Garden in Harvard, Mass.

October 16 at 10 AM, 145 Bolton Road. (Rain date October 17.)

The Perennial 5K (3.2 mile) Walk is open to individuals, families and teams. The Healing Garden is located on the site of Ginny and Bill Thurston’s lovely 8-acre garden. In its new home, surrounded by flowers and the sound of flowing water, the center provides support and a healing environment for those experiencing breast cancer.

“Our community extends to you and your family and we offer mind-body medicine, education about choices that contribute to health, methods for managing stress and for improving quality of life, and ways to regain control, both during and after treatment.

“Medical care focuses on your curative treatment plan and our services are supportive of that care. Our services are directed at helping you heal, a process that often involves more than medical treatments and procedures.”

To register for the fundraising walk and to learn more about services, programs, and events, visit or call 978-456-3532.



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