Posted by: 2in10 | 10/01/2010

facing cancer together

When I was recovering from ovarian cancer and treatment 15 years ago, I took advantage of many programs offered by The Wellness Community of Greater Boston (TWC), located at the time in Newton, Massachusetts.  (You could attend for two years following treatment.) TWC closed precipitously two years ago when funding dried up with the Bernie Madoff debacle.

Dedicated volunteers created a new organization, Facing Cancer Together (FCT) (visit, to inform and support people of all ages who are coping with cancer. An email arrived today offering programs in yoga, focusing, collage and nutrition at FCT’s Newtonville site.

I first tried yoga at TWC because it was free of charge and I knew the instructor would adapt to any physical limitations we might have. I loved not having to commit to a semester of sessions or to an activity I wasn’t sure I would enjoy. And having cancer brought extra expenses, so not having to pay for lessons or coaching was helpful.

Yoga and nutrition are classic elements in cancer recovery. Collage and focusing are newer. Focusing is a method for making body-centered connections for healing, like meditation but different. I wish I could try it!

Although stepping across the threshold was acknowledging that I had cancer, I quickly got over my hesitation. I attended TWC sessions on nutrition, fitness, searching the internet, and more. Everything was helpful, and I encourage you to try FCT and other organizations offering support.



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