Posted by: 2in10 | 09/10/2010

attitude realignment

Beverly Ryle has helped many people deal with transition, chosen and imposed, for many years. Beverly’s latest book, Ground of Your Own Choosing: Winning Strategies for Finding and Creating Work, is an inspired application of the transition model to the challenges of employment and unemployment. I highly recommend both Beverly and her book. You can learn more at

Here is an excerpt from Beverly’s most recent newsletter. I think you will agree that the precepts can be applied to getting well and staying well:

Precautions Against Negativity

Health organizations have aggressively publicized guidelines on how to protect yourself from the spread of disease. Their suggestions include washing your hands regularly, covering your mouth when you cough, avoiding crowds, and wearing a mask.

Here are my corresponding precautions to fight off negativity:

  • Every time you wash your hands or use a hand sanitizer, make an inquiry into your state of mind as well. Just as you cover your mouth when you cough, contain the spread of messages that are harmful to yourself and others by pressing an imaginary reset button in palm of your hand.
  • When you’re in the company of others who you think are succumbing to negativity, ask them to describe the experiences or data their opinion is based on, and don’t settle for vague generalities.
  • Be selective with whom you talk to about your plans. Screen out people who make your spirits sag, and seek out those who lift them.

Many thanks, Beverly. And best wishes to my readers,




  1. What an honor to have a excerpt of my newsletter/blog included on this beautiful and important site.

    Thank you, Carolyn, for sharing your experience, strength and hope with your readers.

    Bev Ryle

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