Posted by: 2in10 | 08/14/2010

i discoverd that i was funny

“I love to make people laugh,” says stand-up comic Dottie Segal Casper, “If I do that, my health and everything else improves.” The 83-year-old entertainer continues, “When my husband died, I came into my own. I discovered that I was funny. If Mark could see me now, he’d roll over in his ashes and fall off the mantel.”

At age 77 Casper walked into a comedy workshop in Tampa, Florida as a total newbie. Three years later she was named “funniest person in Tampa” out of 140 contestants.

Reflecting on her happy married life with Mark, career as a marriage counselor, and years as homemaker and mother of five children, Casper says, “We had a traditional marriage where the woman is in the background, and I had all these things to say that never got said…The world revolved around what he was saying and thinking, and I learned to live with that comfortably.”

Of her childhood, Casper recalls, “When I was younger, the funny things I said were never received as humor, so I learned not to say them. Luckily, I unlearned it. I was always such a good girl that my goal now is to live long enough to make up for it.”

Inspiring! Not just finding you are funny, but also discovering a passion at any point in life. I found this wonderful discovery in my alumnae magazine today. There’s more at (Be ready for the risque.)


Something else: “Death is easy; comedy is hard.”


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