Posted by: 2in10 | 08/05/2010

zumba — FUN!

Like to dance? Want to be fit? missing a partner or weekly dance dates? I have become a big fan of the Zumba! dance fitness program.

I learned about Zumba! from a friend who was going to a local class and really enjoying it.  I hesitated because the class was offered by our Council on Aging. Imagine me at the COA! Once I GOT OVER that hurdle, I have been wiggling and stepping to the merenque, salsa, cha cha, and cupid shuffle and having a blast.

Zumba, with its Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow moves, was created by dancer and choreographer “Beto” Perez in Columbia in the 1990s. He brought his Zumba concept to the U.S.  where it was introduced nationally in 2002. Zumba is now offered in 105 countries.  

I highly recommend Zumba. More soon!




  1. Hey Carolyn,
    I couldn’t agree more about zumba being fun, fitness oriented, and great exercise. Of course, I’m a bit biased, because I believe you discovered zumba at my class, which I hold both at the Weston COA and my house in Newton. It’s great having you in my class!
    I strongly maintain that we need to seek out fun and “escape” wherever possible in our lives, and in general, we don’t do enough of it. I’m forever amazed ( and impressed) on some level, at the men I know who make sure they get their fun in, whether it’s golfing, fishing, or just going out with the guys. They don’t need permission from anyone to pursue their passion, why do so many women abandon the pursuits we enjoy so much?
    I have a few observations about this, gleaned from working with people from all walks of life, in the medical, mental health and fitness industries. First, we lose sight of what we used to like to do- chances are you STILL like to do it, if you did it as a kid, teenager, or young adult.
    Second, we feel we must “earn” our fun- if only we make x amount of money, are amount of productive enough with serious tasks during the day, or have taken care of others first, THEN we can have fun. Third, we got out of the “habit” of making sure we have enough recreation and fun in our lives. When I discovered zumba, I rediscovered just how much I LOVE dancing, especially with others who love dancing. So, go out and find those things you LOVE to do- your life will be so enriched as a result!

    • Ellen, I did discover Zumba with you. You make Zumba easy and fun — and good exercise. Thank you for saying SO MUCH so well. See you soon! Many thanks — C

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