Posted by: 2in10 | 07/22/2010

saw him!

I was checking something in the garden this afternoon, and as I climbed the far side of the dell, a slight movement caught my eye. A hummingbird was visiting the bee balm, hesitating at each trumpet petal to drink and then circling on to the next.

Blossom to blossom, round and round he (or she, couldn’t tell) methodically went, and after treading water in midair, moved across the gap in the stone wall to another patch of bee balm. 

This is my second sighting. Not many for all the “Hummingbirds love these!” plants in the garden. Reminds me of the moose at my cousin’s place at Kezar Lake in Maine. How many times have I paddled up Sucker Brook silently THIS TIME to find a moose and have NEVER sighted one? Herons, red-wing blackbirds, and tons of waterbugs, but no moose for Carolyn.

I have seen moose tracks, up to their shoulders, in the snow atop nearby Sabattus Mountain where we snowshoe in winter, so I should feel confident they are in the trees that edge the marshy brook. But they aren’t willing to be seen by me, no matter how stealthily I meander upstream in Ray’s kayak.

The moose sightings may be tall tales, but the hummingbird in my garden is real today! I think there is a message here about having faith.




  1. Carolyn—embrace every miracle moment nature gives you! How wonderful to see the little hummingbird ! Just yesterday I spotted a beautiful butterfly at the bee balm in our garden! Blessings to you ! Susan

    • Yesterday I staked the Asiatic lilies whose huge, white blossoms had bent their single, slender stem to the ground when they opened. Just as I finished fastening the twine, a butterfly landed on a blossom, inches from my nose! (The lilies are more than five feet tall.) Another gift, along with the golden, late afternoon sun to backlight the pure white flowers. Thanks for your note.

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