Posted by: 2in10 | 06/24/2010

taking care

One of the many side benefits of a health crisis like cancer is being forced to take care of ourselves.  That can take time, energy, and money — resources that don’t get spent on something else, like family, friends, work, or being a good person. Sometimes we find ourselves shifting from too much doing to more being (not a bad thing).

Massage therapy was one of the healing arts I embraced early in my recovery from ovarian cancer and treatment. I tried several therapists until I found one who had a strong healing presence for me, someone who I could sense believed deeply that I could get well and stay well.

As you will read in my article linked below from Cape Women Online magazine, after being handled throughout my treatment, I was ready to be touched. I was curious about the power of healing touch and ready to be comforted. I made massage an important part of my healing journey. Read more about that at:  

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