Posted by: 2in10 | 06/17/2010

council of dads (3)

In Chapter 18 of Bruce Feiler’s book The Council of Dads, he quotes from his favorite poem, “This Bridge” by Shel Silverstein:

This bridge will only take you halfway there
To those mysterious lands you long to see:
Through gypsy camps and swirling Arab fairs
And moonlit woods where unicorns run free.
So come and walk awhile with me and share
The twisting trails and wondrous worlds I’ve known.
But this bridge will only take you halfway there-
The last few steps you’ll have to take alone.

 We will each travel a lifetime, but when we breathe our last, we will make the transition from what we know to what we can’t know by ourselves. We will go alone, even if surrounded by those we love. Like Silverstein, I accept this. I find it a fitting match to our journey into life, when even if we share the womb with another, as did Feiler’s twins Eden and Tybee, we enter the world alone.

Having cancer made me unafraid of death. When every day is a gift and there have been so many of them, how can I fear what will be after life? And since we get to die once, we can only hope that that transition will be the best possible experience it can be.

Happy Father’s Day, for we each were given life by our father,



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