Posted by: 2in10 | 06/13/2010

comedy night

I was recently invited to a fundraiser, dinner followed by Boston-based comedian Tony V and friends. As I enjoyed the stand-up comics, I couldn’t help noticing their segues. One word in each joke became the springboard for the next joke.

I wonder if stand-up comics map their routines, each a journey with twists, turns, dead stops, rolling stops, jumpstarts, and more. I found myself listening to each riff, trying to guess which word would lead to the next laugh.

Another metaphor might be tacking into the wind while avoiding the dead zone. (That’s when the stand-up makes a remark about not being funny.) In either case, how like life this is, when you can’t predict when something, funny or sad, good or bad, will lead to the next good thing.

In Head First: The Biology of Hope (1989), journalist, patient, and medical researcher Norman Cousins makes a case for laughter — good, deep belly-laughing and lots of it — in pain reduction. He demonstrates that happiness can have positive physiological effects, including an improved immune system, and that positive emotions can have an impact on our health and healing. 

Right now, let yourself smile — or make yourself smile and feel the difference.



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