Posted by: 2in10 | 06/02/2010

powerful words (1)

When I was newly diagnosed with ovarian cancer Stage III and having chemotherapy, a long-time friend said encouragingly, “My mother had ovarian cancer 22 years ago and she’s fine.”

Anne’s mom was elderly and very well. I hung on those words; I clung to them. In the dark moments, I would pull them out and replay Anne’s voice telling me that her mom had beat the odds and lived a long, healthy time.

About ten years later, Anne’s mother died and not from any kind of cancer. I was curious about the earlier diagnosis and asked Anne about the ovarian cancer. “Oh, she had cervical cancer, not ovarian,” Anne said.

What a wonderful gift I received from that misunderstanding. I used those words for years to balance my fear and to support all I was doing to get well and stay well. Words are powerful!



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