Posted by: 2in10 | 05/18/2010

Get over it, or getting past it

How often do you find yourself fretting or truly anxious about something you need to worry about or something you don’t? Here’s a one-minute technique that works for me — at my desk, in the car, taking a walk, or preparing to sleep. It works anywhere you have one hand free, so forget rock climbing. 

This technique for managing your emotions comes from Dr. Mercola:

Make your hand into a fist. Rub your fist in a circular motion on the middle of your chest (your heart chakra) and repeat the following: “It’s safe to get over this problem and it is time to let go of these feelings.” Repeat this five to six times as you rub the center of your chest. 

That’s it! I feel better just writing the words.

Dr. Mercola’s website is (Ignore the noise about products. I have tried a few and they have been very good.) You may want to take some of his ideas with a grain of salt, but I appreciate his perspective on health and healing.

Here’s to our emotional health, the foundation of all wellness,




  1. This is so very Helpful. I’ve found a few methods for relieving stress, including a healing mantra. But this combination of touch and mantra is really interesting. Thanks for sharing! You’re amazing, brilliant and wonderful. Barb.

  2. Carolyn,
    You really must turn these writings into a book – so many could benefit from your experience, and your wonderful and inspiring way of expressing it.

    • Thanks very much — I hope to do a book! CE

  3. Carolyn—this is wonderful ! I have just practiced with my fist and feel so relaxed from it. Thank you for your wisdom of experience as a cancer survivor and the beautiful way you express it!

  4. And once your fist has performed, open your fist and blow across it to whisk the bad away, symbolically.

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