Posted by: 2in10 | 04/30/2010

Wood lilies in granite, April in New England

The title image is a photo of wood lilies that make their home in a granite outcrop in my New England backyard. In early April they spring forth from a crevice, tightly packed in the meager soil that you and I can’t see but they have had the wisdom to find.

The gray granite, tinged with pink, also hosts silvery green lichen. In the early days of April when twigs are bare and the shoots and buds are just beginning to emerge, they are especially beautiful.

I credit the wood lilies and lichen with wisdom, and even if that isn’t the best word, it acknowledges that they have capabilities that we don’t. It suggests to me that it’s wise to have an open mind about health and healing and to trust our instincts.

The single-leaved lilies, not even 3 inches tall, in late April are now forming tiny, white flower buds. I struggle to get their large, cultivated cousins, lily-of-the-valley, to grow in my garden, but these little guys volunteer in the toughest situations. I love them and admire them.

Hoping spring is beautiful wherever you are,




  1. Carolyn, great blog site. You have wonderful information here that I know will be helpful to many. I will pass on to some of my colleagues! RMG

  2. I like the lilies. Hard and soft, year round vs annual. Maybe we all just need a safe little crack to flourish. Thanks for sharing.

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