Posted by: 2in10 | 04/23/2010

Many ways to skin a cat (ugh!) or Get well and stay well

I love to arrange flowers and have largely been self-taught. Experienced arrangers say that if you condition flowers properly before arranging in floral foam or water they will stay fresh for many days.

How do you condition flowers? Some say you cut the stems, remove all foliage below the water line, and put the flowers in tall, clean containers with fresh water. Very experienced arrangers have told me to add a drop or two of bleach. Or lots of Seven-Up. Or a pinch of sugar. Or a commercial flower powder like AquaPlus. Everyone seems to have a favorite method, handed down from his mother or her mentor, that has proven itself TO WORK, guaranteed.

I am reminded of the many ways in which people have survived cancer of all kinds, including ovarian. Almost everyone I know has had conventional medical treatment. But in addition, some people change their diet, retire from a difficult job and build a new life, or volunteer with others experiencing cancer. Or they eat as much organic food as they can afford, get some mind-body coaching, or switch to non-toxic cleaning products.

I love the book Remarkable Recovery: What Extraordinary Healings Tell Us About Getting Well and Staying Well by Caryle Hirshberg and Marc Ian Barasch. The authors tell the stories of several people who survive cancer well beyond their doctors’ expectations — we learn about these survivors and what they did. We see a full range of experience, from total transformation to complete denial. We find the common thread is that each seemed to have found his or her authentic way to cope with cancer.

The book is out of print but is available from online sellers. ISBN 1-57322-000-0. New York: Riverhead Books, 1995.

This is a good one to keep by the pillow, for an uplifting quick read when all you can manage is a chapter or to absorb its positive energy while sleeping.

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